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How-to related to wrenching, farkling, and other technical aspects of motorcycling.

Newsletters Now Available Online

Three cheers for Craig Olsen, who has been doing a great job this year of producing interesting & informative newsletters for us. These newsletters are usually distributed to members via e-mail, but now we've created a page here at so you can download the PDFs anytime. You should see a new "Newsletters" tab at the top of the page, as well as a link in the left-side navigation menu.

How to Post Challenge Images

So, before we really really get under way on the challenge, I thought we should clear up how to post your "proof of arrival" images. We will probably have 40 or 50 participants in the challenge, figure an average of 25 images per participant. That's around 1200 images for somebody to sort through. Terri is probably going to be the one trying to keep track of who's been where. Let's make this as easy for her as we can. Who wants to be mean to Terri? Do you want to be mean to Terri? I didn't think so.

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