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How To Post A Picture

By brian - Posted on 15 March 2010

 There has been some confusion on how to post pictures here.  The short answer is "It's kinda like ADVRider."  

Ed asked me to write up some step by step instructions.  I know it looks like a lot of work, but I promise once you've done it a couple times you will find that it's super fast and easy.  

PLEASE NOTE:   Posting "Challenge" pictures in the gallery is allowed but WILL NOT count towards your total.  We cannot track the submissions there against locations/users.  Please be sure to post your pictures in the forums.

On to the fun of posting pictures:

SECTION 1 - Upload to Imageshack

First you are going to need to upload your picture to a picture hosting site.  And of them will do, but these instructions are for imageshack.

STEP 1 - Go to 

STEP 2 - Click "Browse"

STEP 3 - Browse to your Image and Click Open

STEP 4 - Click "Upload Now"


STEP 5 - Copy Direct Link

The link you are going to need will be on the next page.  It's important to note that the field doesn't show the entire link.  This is okay though because you get to cut and paste the information. What you'll want to do is leave this page open, open a new tab or browser and continue on to the next section for now.  

SECTION 2 - Creating your Forum Post

STEP 1 - In a new browser or tab head on over to

STEP 2 - Navigate to the correct forum for the site you want to upload your picture to. 

STEP 3 - Click "Add new comment"

 Once you are in the forum for the site you want to upload a picture for you will see an "Add new comment" link down on the bottom. 

STEP 4 - Type Your Message in the Box

STEP 5 - Get your Link from the IMAGESHACK page

This step will be the most confusing for some folks.  Once you have this down the process is SUPER EASY!!. 

  1. What you'll want to do is open the tab or window that you left imageshack up in.  The one that has your link on it.  Make sure you don't close your new post or you will lose what you typed so far.  
  2. Once you are on the page with the link you are going to click in the field with the link so it is completely highlighted (like in the picture below)  once you have done that on your keyboard your will press the CTRL key and the C key (CTRL+C) at the same time. 

STEP 6 - Head back to your post on and  Click the "Insert/Edit Image" Button



  1. On the "Image Properties" Page Click Once in the URL Field
  2. On your keyboard your will press the CTRL key and the C key (CTRL+C) at the same time. Then press the TAB key.  The picture Should Shop up in the box.  
  3. Once the picture has loaded into the box press "OK"