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2020 Challenge Points

In order to check into a challenge point after you've visited, click the name of the challenge point and then click the "Check In at this site" link.Click here for instructions on checking in at a Challenge Site.

# opt. Titlesort icon State Coordinates Difficulty Level Elevation (ft)
21 Albion Normal School Idaho N42.4132091 W113.583754
31 Alta Ranger Station Montana N45.61845 W114.29955
18 Bald Mountain LO Idaho N47.032021 W116.572191
5 Bear Cemetary Idaho N45.017748 W116.668748
22 Bear Trap Cave Idaho N42.93302 W113.35168
20 Blue Cabin Idaho N46.9604 W115.8243
30 Blue Joint Bay Montana N45.657342 W114.304012
4 Bruneau Canyon Overlook Idaho N42.692334 W115.670688
41 Buffalo Hump Lake Idaho N45.61478 W115.6855
34 Challis Creek Lakes Idaho N44.551875 W114.513786
23 City of Rocks Idaho N42.074319 W113.717718
28 Crystal Mountain Idaho N45.289417 W115.893086
26 Doomsday Compound Bear Lake Idaho N45.435881 W115.844591
38 Doyle Place Cabin Idaho N42.845187 W116.333986
16 Elk Creek Falls Idaho N46.738558 W116.174609
24 Evel Knievel Jump Site Idaho N42.597106 W114.422859
19 Farragut Park Idaho N47.96054 W116.57372
13 Gertrudes Monastary Idaho N46.03365 W116.39129
29 Golden Anchor Mine Idaho N45.407145 W115.862647
12 Hazard Lake Idaho N45.203607 W116.140581
33 Hells Half Acre Idaho N45.6457 W114.628421
2 Little City of Rocks Idaho N43.11564 W114.85794
35 Mackay Mine Idaho N43.890368 W113.675473
1 Map Rock Idaho N43.410597 W116.688488
17 Marks Butte Idaho N47.026258 W116.054393
8 Mineral Idaho N44.586202 W117.077665
45 Next Year's Challenge Site Idaho N/A
15 Nez Pierce Battle field Idaho N45.795001 W116.26758
43 Non-Club Motorcycle Event Idaho N/A
40 Old Golden Idaho N45.789076 W115.65375
39 Orogrande Summit Idaho N45.639501 W115.614275
11 Osborne Gravesite Idaho N45.742095 W116.323344
37 Selway Falls Idaho N46.051949 W115.307094
32 Skalkaho Falls Montana N46.245812 W113.773565
6 Smelter-Saloon Site Idaho N45.193885 W116.54474
7 Summers Grave Idaho N44.829404 W116.757953
44 Support a Sponsor Idaho N/A
25 Swanholm Lookout Idaho N43.892716 W115.325981
3 Titan Missile Base Idaho N42.66917 W115.86795
14 Tolo Lake Idaho N45.915408 W116.236436
36 White Knob Mine Tramway Idaho N43.8950194 W113.65535
9 Wieser Hot springs Idaho N44.297464 W117.050438
10 Wieser Sand Dunes Idaho N44.293576 W117.209623
42 Wildhorse Lake Idaho N45.65299 W115.645519
27 Wind River Foot Bridge Idaho N45.453539 W115.945033