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Please join with us to recognize the 2014 Challenge participants at the Idaho Pizza Company (6840 N. Glenwood, Boise, ID) next to D&B on January 31, 2015, 1-3 PM.  Family and significant others are also invited.  We will present information on the 2015 Challenge sites and upcoming adventure riding seminars to be held this winter.  Come with your suggestions and recommendations for our annual summer / fall club ride(s) including possible dates and locations.

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In this Issue. . . .

     *  2014 IAMC Challenge Recap (Craig O. Olsen)
     *  A Room with a View (Wayne Smith)  [2014 Challenge Gold Tire Level Winner]
     *  Experience with the Challenge (Rick Skinner)  [2014 Challenge Silver Tire Level Winner]
     *  Sheep Falls (Craig O. Olsen)  [2014 Challenge Platinum Tire Level Winner]
     *  STAY WARM!  How to Ride Longer and Further Into the Season (Sean Goulart)

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This year's challenge signups and list of sites are posted. You can also download a .gpx file of all the sites from our route library. Special thanks to Captain Ed, Rick Skinner, and Doctor O for all your work on compiling this year's destinations and getting the challenge ready to roll. Let the fun begin. We can't wait to start seeing your pictures!